The best cheap soundbar deals in February 2017

Soundbars make a lot of sense. On their own, most TVs simply don’t have the topics to output stunning video and exceptional audio. Unless you’re ownership a top-of-the-line OLED from LG, you’re probably only getting the former without the latter.  

But there’s still hope. You can buy an awesome-sounding soundbar on the unseemly and you’ll never have to listen to villainous audio overly again.

Trying to find the weightier soundbar deals, however, can be tedious. It’s a world filled with random series of numbers (take, for example, the Vizio SB-3830-D0 38-inch soundbar) and crazy differences in price. It’s overwhelming for most, and inconvenient for everyone. But that’s why you have us. 

We’ve found tons of unseemly soundbars you need to trammels out ASAP.

What’s the weightier soundbar deal?

This wordplay is going to be variegated for everyone. Some people are fine with a standard soundbar – no subwoofer, no streaming capabilities. Others might want the sub, but no streaming. Others might want all of the above, plus two satellite speakers. It’s a your-miles-may-vary situation. 

That said, we can requite you some good ideas of what to squint for and where to find those unconfined deals when they pop up. 

For most folks, you really just want the vital package: a soundbar with a digital audio subscription input that should connect to most modern TVs. You can get a bit tricky with HDMI passthroughs, RCA inputs and 3.5mm jacks, but sometimes vital is better. Of course, we moreover recommend looking for soundbars with a subwoofer included, that way you’ll get the full audio range from your favorite TV shows and movies, not just the highs and the mids. 

There’s plenty of soundbars to pick from, and increasingly coming out every week, so without remoter ado here are the weightier soundbar deals we’ve found this month.

Samsung's HW-J355 is one of the best-selling soundbars, and for good reason. Not only does it offer good sound quality from its four combined-120W tweeters, but moreover comes with a wired subwoofer to add some meat to the sound. It's a bit on the trim side at 37.13 x 2.28 x 2.56 inches, but it only weighs 3.5 lbs. The twin subwoofer is wired, so that might be one hang-up, and you won't find a ton of ports here. On the plus side, though, it comes with 3D Sound Plus, which tries to simulate a surround sound effect using some clever sonic tricks. If you don't mind something basic, this is your guy.

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Don't want to be tied to a subwoofer? We don't vituperation you. If you want the same robust quality of sound without the uneaten woebegone box, trammels out the Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System. The bar measures in at a pearly 2.6 x 21.6 x 3.4 inches (H x W x D) and 3.73 lbs, making it easy to wall-mount. As far as inputs and outputs are concerned it takes optical audio, coaxial audio and 3.5mm auxiliary. It comes with a remote control, which we appreciate, and has seated Bluetooth. 

If you're looking for a soundbar that strikes the wastefulness between full-length set,  performance and price, LG's SH7B is it. That said, it might forfeit a bit increasingly than you were looking to spend. Thankfully it's very often on sale. This soundbar measures in at 41.73 x 2.09 x 3.35 inches, making it perfect for 49-inch and up TVs. The soundbar excels in the movie department – lasers, explosions and superincumbent bodily impacts in football hit home with impactful blasts of sound – but it's probably not the weightier soundbar for the music lover out there. 

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Here you'll find a archetype example of a non-smart speaker that, despite some obvious disadvantages, is one of the weightier ever. That stuff said the M4 isn’t glamorous to squint at, stubbornly only supports 2.1 channels of sound, and has never heard of Wi-Fi. But if there’s a largest sounding soundbar on the market for less than £400/$400, we haven’t heard it. If you're looking for nonflexible numbers, the Q4 measures in at 1000 x 90 x 142mm (W x H x D) and weighs 4.9 kg. There's no subwoofer here or shot at simulated surround sound, but that's considering Q Acoustics has very deliberately kept things simple by not attempting to ‘muddy the waters’ by trying to wield (often ugly) psycho-acoustic processing. 

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Just when you think you really know a company, it goes and releases something completely out of left-field. Take Razer: historically, it’s been a peddler of pointers and the king of keyboards. Then they release the Razer Leviathan, a really smart soundbar that financing less than most TVs. Razer's audio monster might not have the most power-per-inch at only 30 watts, but we really liked how low it could go with the twin subwoofer. Plus, while other speakers on this list might not plane struggle surround sound, Razer gives it the ol' higher try and unquestionably does a decent job with it. It might not be as good as a true 7.1 system, but try finding one of those for under $199/£159. 

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One of the weightier deals on high-end soundbars comes in the form of Sony's HT-NT5. This 6.1 soundbar offers 400 watts of power and, for the audiophiles out there, supports 24-bit/96KHz Hi-Res Audio. The main bar is 42.51 x 2.28 x 5.00 inches (W x H x D) while the twin wireless subwoofer sits at a portly 7.48 × 15.0 × 15.2 inches. As far as inputs and outputs are concerned, it has Analog Audio In, Bluetooth Reception, Bluetooth Transmission, Ethernet, USB, three HDMI-Ins and one HDMI-Out. Beyond traditional Wi-Fi and Bluetooth the HT-NT5 moreover supports multi-room listening through Sony's SongPal app, and works with Google Home. 

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Did you find a unconfined deal on a soundbar you want to share? Let us know in the comments below!